Whole House Fan | San Jose

Built-In Center offers a wide selection of energy efficient whole house fans, attic whole house fan, quite cool whole house fans and parts.  If you are seeking a cost effective and efficient way to cool your home, whole house fans will meet your needs.  Visit our showroom today to view and test our live demo.


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Some of our popular whole house fans include AirScape 1.7 WHF-XR, AirScape 3400-WHF-XR, and AirScape 5300-WHF-XR.  

Call us today to find out more about the Ventura Whole House Fan.  This line of fans use a gravity air damper, instead of an insulated electrically driven one like the other Airscape whole house fans.  This helps to further reduce costs for homeowners living in mild climates.

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A Whole House Fan System will:

  • Effectively Cool Your Home
  • Lower Your Utility Bill
  • Cool & Ventilate Your House