Benefits of Whole House Fan | San Jose July 07 2015

Find out why to install a whole house fan in your home!

A whole house fan works by drawing hot air from inside the house into the attic and pulling cool air from outside.

High Energy Efficiency

A whole house fan is much more environmentally-friendly an option than central air conditioners or room air conditioning units.

Money Savings
During operation, a whole house fan costs about 10–25% as much money as an air conditioner. Far cheaper,and you can save hundreds of dollars in your electric bill every summer.

We specialize in the installation of your whole house fan. Our showroom features working fans so you can test/hear/feel the fan prior to purchasing.

Fresh Air
Because a whole house fan draws in hot air to the attic and then lets it out of the house, indoor air is considerably fresher. This helps remove and prevent odors and provides excellent ventilation all around the house.

Our models of whole house fans operate quite quietly, and do not emit the loud, disturbing noises associated with large fans. You can operate a whole house fan throughout the night and enjoy a good night’s sleep.